What's a Behemoth Box?

Our Beer Club has a twist. We pick seven beers each month that we send to our subscribers. These aren't just any seven beers though. These beers are monsters from the deepest depths, beasts that cannot be tamed and rarer than a rogue wave. Every month each brew is hand selected to blast your socks off and create the essential mixed case - you simply can't live without it. They are, simply, BEHEMOTHS! We present you with the.... 

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What do I pay?

Behemoth Box prices ensure you save at least 20% on retail prices than if you were to buy these beers from us at their typical prices. So you not only get some great beers but you get a great deal as well.

Each month's box is packed full of fantastic brews but we know that you all have different tastes and prefer some styles over others. Don't worry - we've got you covered. If you are an occasional buyer and just want to buy a box every now and again when the beers take your fancy then our buy one-off option is for you.

If you want regular deliveries every month and to save over 10% on the one-off purchase price then get yourself signed up to subscribe & save.

All prices include delivery.

Hippo Beers Behemoth Box Prices

What's in the box this month?

There are a limited number of boxes available each month. As they contain rare and often hard to get beers we usually cannot get any more stock. So when they are gone they are gone....

Here are this month's brewing behemoths.

March 2017

March 2017 Behemoth Box

Our inaugural box includes a cognac aged barleywine, two bombers from a couple of America's brewing heavyweights, a hop bomb from a brand spanking new Scottish brewery and more. Check out this month's #behemothbox below and see how much you can save on retail prices.
Behemoth Box March 2017

Behemoth Box March 2017 Price Savings

How do I get these beery behemoths?

Get your Behemoth Box by hitting the link below!

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What if I want to cancel?

You have complete control and flexibility over your subscription. This includes the ability to skip a shipment but keep your subscription live, change your order date so you get your delivery when it suits you, cancel your subscription altogether or reactivate it at any time. You can log in and manage your account preferences using the link sent to you when you sign up or if you can't find that drop us a line at orders@hippobeers.co.uk.

I'd like more information

No problem. Sign up your e-mail address below to get information about Behemoth Box and what is in future boxes!