Hippo Beers started life as Glasgow’s first speciality beer shop opening in November 2012 and selling an outstanding range of craft beers, real ales and world beers. It was founded by Derek Hoy and Alec Knox - two old mates from uni and Glasgow based beer lovers. At the time the craft beer scene in Glasgow was in its infancy but has since grown considerably and we're proud to have been at the start of it. Our core values remain the same as when we opened the doors:

  • A constantly revolving range of approximately 350 different beers
    – See more at: http://hippobeers.co.uk/#sthash.uca09Oso.dpufA constantly revolving range of approximately 350 different beers
  • Six main categories of beer – Scottish, English, American, Belgian, German, Rest of the World
  • Knowledgeable and friendly service – we’re happy to offer advice
  • Focus on quality – we only sell the highest quality beers and also stock seasonal and rare bottles
  • Not got what you want? Ask us and we’ll see if we can get it

Hippo Beers shop is the place to go for all of your beer needs as well as fine wines and specialist ciders. You can find a location map for the shop and opening times on the Contact Us page.

    The business now includes this online shop, a daughter wholesale company (see Wholesale for more details) and is responsible for organising the annual Great Scottish Beer Celebration.

    We also get asked about the name a lot and we didn't choose it just because we thought it sounded funky. We’re named after St Augustine of Hippo Regius – the patron saint of brewers. His life is celebrated on the date of his death, 28th August, which is the St Augustine of Hippo Feast Day and we always try to do something to celebrate the event each year.

    Alec Knox Hippo Beers Director Derek Hoy Hippo Beers Director
    Alec Knox - Owner & Director Derek Hoy - Owner & Director
    "This was my first pint of Russian River Pliny the Elder in San Diego. It wasn't my last.... I was a happy chappy that day!" "FyneFest was too overwhelming. I got over-excited and forgot I was supposed to be running the Hippo Beers stand!"